Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services
Professional Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services
Bend and Central Oregon
Quality Cleaning Programs
Tailored to fit your specific needs and budget.

Services are provided on a daily, weekly, 
bi-weekly, or as needed basis.
General Services Include:
• Trash and recycle removal
• Vacuum/sweep all floor surfaces
• Mop hard surface floors
• Dust/clean horizontal surfaces:
    Cleared desks, tables, unobstructed 
    work areas, and window sills
• Cobweb removal/vertical dusting: 
    pictures, walls, corners, behind doors,
    light fixtures
• Clean entrance/lobby area:
    Sweep immediate interior and exterior
    areas, clean door frames, thresholds,
    handles and glass
• Spot clean and disinfect “hot ”
    telephones, keyboards/mice dspotsoor
    handles, light switches, and door jambs
• Straighten office furniture
• Spot clean windows
• Vacuum/sweep stairwells - dust and
    disinfect handrails
• Sanitize/polish drinking fountains
• Vacuum/sweep/mop/polish elevators
Rest Room Cleaning:
• Clean/disinfect - sinks, faucets, toilets,
    urinals, and partitions
• Clean/polish mirrors and supply
• Sweep/mop floors
• Restock supplies

Kitchen/Break Rooms:
• Clean/sanitize - counter tops, food prep
    and eating surfaces
• Scour and sanitize sinks and faucets
• Clean exterior cabinet and appliance
• Clean inside and outside of microwave
• Sweep/mop floors

Additional Services Available:
• Lighting maintenance - includes
    replacement of bad bulbs, tubes and
• Manage paper/rest room supplies
• Light building maintenance and repairs