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Professional Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services
Bend and Central Oregon

Approved Cleaning Solutions of Central Oregon

Approved Cleaning Solutions has been serving businesses in central Oregon for over 15 years! Since 1999, we've made it our mission to provide our clients with consistent, high quality cleaning service necessary to a productive and healthy work environment!

ACS takes a detail oriented approach to bring you the best possible solution to all your business's cleaning and maintenance needs. Whiles the look of cleanliness is valuable to us and your business, we take it a step further to make sure even the smallest details are attended to. 

ACS Quality Assurance Guidelines

These are some of the guidelines our employees refer to when cleaning. 
  • Doorways/Entrances - Free of soil, debris, codwebs and dust
  • Glass surfaces - Free of fingerprints, streaks, and liquid splotches.
  • Counters/Desks - Free of dust, streaks, coffee rings and other debris.
  • Breakroom/Kitchens - Clean tables, chairs, countertops, sinks, trashcans, cabinets, refrigerators, vending machines, microwave and floor should be free of soil, mineral deposits, dust soap, food, coffee spills and fingerprints.
  • Floors/Carpets - Free of dust, debris, soil and spots in open areas, walkways as well as corners and under desks.
  • Hard Floors - Free of dust, debris, soil and liquid spills.
  • Ceiling Vents - Should be dust free.
  • Windows/Sills - Free of dust, fingerprints, streaks, insects and adhesives.
  • Trash Receptacles - Liner should be clean, free of trash, liquids and food particles. 
  • Bathrooms - Toilets, countertops, faucets, sinks, mirrors, doors handles, paper supplies, partitions and walls, stainless steel/chrome dispensers.